Fantan rule, horn (cock Kwok)

If you win one of the two numbers, you win and the dividend doubles.

There are four ways to bet: “1, 2”, “2, 3”, “3, 4”, “4, 1”.

Macao dice rules and how to win and capture!

Fantan rule, single, double

If you win either odd or even, you win and the dividend doubles.

Single “1, 3 (single)”, double “2, 4”.

Fantan rules, Nim

If the number comes out, it wins, and if it becomes the number of the ○ part of “Men ○”, it loses, and the dividend is tripled.

It is difficult to understand at first, so if you explain in detail,
“4 thoughts 1” This is 4 wins, 1 loses, 2 and 3 is a draw and refund.

Fantan rules, Nim

Fantan rule, Ban (fan)

If you hit the remaining number, you win and the dividend is 4 times.

How to win and capture Phangan

Since you can’t do anything on your own, you can’t take advantage of your skills, and it’s a game of luck, so there is only a strategy to control by how to bet chips.