Macao dice rules and how to win and capture!

Macau Dice is an arrangement game that combines a dice game fish carp (read as Fu Hei Hoe) and a large and small (sic bo) , which the dealers use to roll three dice at the same time.

If the sheet to bet is not printed with a picture, you may not immediately know what the figure corresponds to. Memorization is mandatory.

The dice is shuffled by a machine and placed in a container so that the dealer cannot control it.

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How to read the Macau Dice Dice

1, fish 2, shrimp 3, gourd 4, money 5, crab 6, chicken

Macau dice game flow and how to bet chips

There are the following sheets on the table (notations differ slightly depending on the casino), and chips are placed where you want to bet.

How to win and capture Macau Dice

Because you can bet on multiple places, you can use a strategy to bet on a large hole and a favorite. In other words, it’s a way to average.

Furthermore, controlling Macau betting is the Macau Dice strategy.